Blackwing Slate – The Materials

Here’s a look at the anatomy of the new Blackwing Slate, designed to be the ultimate companion to our Blackwing pencils.

The Cover


True to its namesake, the Blackwing Slate features a smooth, matte black, hard cover that is both distinct and sophisticated. The cover is made out of a wear-resistant polymer designed to absorb the wear and tear of constant use without sacrificing form or function. The front cover is unbranded, while the back cover features the Blackwing logo discretely debossed at its base, and an elastic strap keeps the cover securely closed.

The Binding

BINDINGA journal is only as good as its binding, and every Blackwing Slate is dual-bound to ensure its durability. First, the pages are sewn-bound together, creating a “block” of pages. Then the cover is sewn-bound to the block to create the Blackwing Slate’s sturdy, dual-bound finish.

The Holster

SlateSideThe Blackwing Slate features a black canvas spine that is strong, yet flexible. The spine is equipped with a high-grade elastic loop,  a holster for your Blackwing, that ensures your pencil is always close at hand. Although this loop can accommodate most types of writing utensils, every Slate will come prepackaged with a Blackwing 602 pencil.  

The Paper

BlackwingSlateRuledThe Blackwing Slate features 100 GSM paper.  GSM, or grams per square meter, refers to the paper’s thickness. A paper’s GSM can range from 10 (think tissue paper) to 180 and beyond (think greeting cards and cereal boxes). At 100 GSM, we are able to offer a high-quality, thick paper that pairs well with our Blackwing graphite, but still feels natural for everyday use. As a comparison, most notebooks and journals contain 70-80 GSM paper. The Blackwing Slate is available with ruled or plain paper.

The Interior


Every Blackwing Slate features a placeholder ribbon and a pocket to store any napkin notes or loose leaves from your travels. On the back page, you’ll find the story of the Blackwing pencil, along with 20 places you might find a Blackwing 602. The journal closes with a call for users to show us how they create with Blackwing using the #Blackwing hashtag.