About Willy Tea Taylor

“If you only have time for one name of a songwriter that could change your life, I would go with Willy Tea Taylor” – No Depression

Willy Tea Taylor is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from California’s Central Valley. He is co-frontman of The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit and spends his time writing, recording and perpetually touring with an ever growing following across the United States.

His recent solo album, 4 Strings, received critical acclaim from the independent music press with No Depression Magazine lauding him as “one of the most important American singer/songwriters of our time”. Saving Country Music wrote “it is hard to listen to [his songs] and then say that better songs have ever been written”.

Willy is driven by taking people on a musical journey – it doesn’t have to be fun and doesn’t have to be emotional but it has to take you somewhere. Willy is very proud of his roots – he comes from a long line of cattlemen – and he can lead you in a dance and tell stories that’ll bring you to tears. He’s a hell-raiser and poet. And according to Saving Country Music, he’s one of 7 songwriters that will change your life.