Charles Berolzheimer

Charles BerolzheimerLeadership: Charles Berolzheimer

Charles P. Berolzheimer II is the President and CEO of California Cedar Products Company, the leading worldwide manufacturer of wooden pencil slats, and Palomino writing products. A sixth-generation pencileer, Mr. Berolzheimer is responsible for reviving the iconic Blackwing pencil and creating ForestChoice, the world’s first FSC certified brand of pencils. He is also the founder of, the internet’s most trusted resource for information about the woodcased pencil.

Charles Berolzheimer is a member of the board of directors of Duraflame, Inc., the market leader in extruded fireplace logs, a product category originally developed and introduced by Cal Cedar and the Berolzheimer family to utilize waste sawdust from the pencil slat production process. An enthusiastic supporter of and participant in the arts; he’s a jazz fan and a baritone, performing in the appropriately named Don’t Give Up Your Day Job Chorus.