Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a dealer?

If you want to find out more about becoming a Palomino dealer, just fill out the dealer inquiry form and we’ll send you all of the information you need!

Where can I buy Palomino products?

Palomino products are available online at, these other fine online retailers and your favorite stores across the United States!

What does FSC-certified mean?

FSC-certified products are products whose materials adhere to a set of standards for environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and economically feasible forestry. For more information about the Forest Stewardship Council and FSC-certification, see this page.

How do I use the Palomino-KUM long point pencil sharpener?

The Palomino-KUM long point pencil sharpener uses a unique two-step pencil sharpening process. The first hole sharpens the wood, leaving an exposed and unsharpened graphite core, and the second hole sharpens the graphite core to a long, perfect point. For more detailed instructions, see this how-to page.

How are pencils made?

You can find a detailed description of the pencil-making process on the Pencil Making Today page. also sells a How a Pencil is Made Kit which includes a poster that shows the various stages of the pencil-making process and also includes actual pencil slats and components used in the making of an Incense-cedar pencil.

What do the different pencil grades mean?

Pencil cores are rated on a scale that corresponds to the hardness or softness of the graphite. A harder pencil core will make a lighter mark on paper, while a softer core deposits more graphite material on the paper and, thus, leaves a darker mark. Softer pencils will dull more quickly than harder leads and require more frequent sharpening. To find more information about how pencils cores are graded, click here.

How do Palomino graphite cores differ from other pencil leads?

Most pencil producers offer products that roughly correlate to one of the grades along the HB grading scale. As there is no true international standard for graphite pencil grades, each producer has their own internal standards generally defined by their own positioning relative to geographic market preferences, performance, costs, etc.

All of our Palomino pencils use high quality graphite leads produced exclusively in Japan. In general, Palomino graphite pencils are much smoother than more commonly available pencils due to the special formulation and processing methods used in the manufacturing process.

Japanese consumers also prefer a darker and softer laydown so all Japanese-produced leads tend to be a bit softer and darker along the HB grading scale. This leads to differences of up 1 to 2 degrees versus what you might be used to in other pencils.

What is the difference between the three Blackwing models?

The Blackwing 602 features a grey finish, gold imprint, black eraser, and firm and smooth graphite core for writers and everyday users. The Blackwing features a black finish, gold imprint, white eraser, and soft and smooth graphite core for artists and musicians. The Blackwing Pearl features a white finish, black imprint, black eraser and balanced and smooth graphite core for those looking for something in between the other two.

What are Blackwings made out of?

Blackwing pencils are made out of 100% Genuine Incense-cedar wood. Genuine Incense-cedar sharpens quickly and evenly, giving the pencil a smooth, sharp point (and it smells great too!).

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