FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 23, 2011

Stockton, CA – On Monday, September 26, 2011, Palomino will officially introduce the next chapter in the legend of the Blackwing pencil – a line of luxury notebooks and sketchbooks that will compliment one of the most highly coveted pencils ever made.

The Blackwing pencil has been widely referred to as the best pencil ever designed. Original Blackwings have commanded as much as $40 per pencil in various markets. After reviving this iconic pencil that was preferred by famous artists like John Steinbeck and Frank Lloyd Wright, California Cedar Products’ new line of Blackwing notebooks will include a high end folio set and a series of sketchbooks that contain original artwork from Blackwing users on the cover.

Cal Cedar will also introduce new notebooks and sketchbooks from their flagship Palomino brand, as well as an eco-friendly range of Forest Stewardship Council (“FSC”) certified notebooks from their ForestChoice brand. ForestChoice became the world’s first FSC certified pencil in 1999.

Each line of notebooks will go on sale exclusively to past customers on Monday, September 26th before being released to the general public on Tuesday, September 27th at and select retail stores throughout the United States and Canada.

“The Blackwing pencil has a great story behind it and we’re excited to add to the legend by introducing notebooks with the same level of quality users of the Blackwing pencil have grown accustomed to for so many years,” says company president Charles Berolzheimer. “We’ve always said the Blackwing is more than just a pencil, and now that’s literally the case.”

This past week, the blog Studio 602 featured special sneak previews of each notebook and sketchbook product. These short videos can be viewed here.

Crafted in Istanbul, Turkey, each notebook is tastefully designed to combine modern technology, premium materials from Spain and Italy and traditional artisanship, perfected by generations of Turkish printers and book binders. newsletter subscribers will receive an email at 12:01 AM on Monday with a special link to the presale. Interested parties can subscribe at

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