STOCKTON, CA, July 26, 2012 – Palomino, maker of the iconic Blackwing pencil, has announced a shift in production of its Prospector school pencils from Thailand to the United States. Besides a social desire to bring production to the USA, the move will allow Palomino to shorten its supply chain and gain added inventory flexibility. Palomino’s Prospector pencils are focused on students and teachers and were designed to address the need for an affordable, high-quality pencil to counter the off-center, imported pencils currently in the hands of many students. The pencils are now available for purchase exclusively at

“Many people don’t understand the benefits of a quality pencil nor the impact it can have on a child’s education,” said Charles Berolzheimer, CEO of Palomino and its parent company California Cedar Products. “High-quality pencils with well centered leads that sharpen evenly and easily save precious classroom time, increase the quality of work and give students added confidence.”

Rowley, Massachusetts school teacher William Maguire states that using high-quality pencils in his classroom resulted “in better results and students who take greater pride in their work and exude more confidence.” He also notes that when higher-quality pencils are used, “writing is approached with greater willingness because it involves using a favorite pencil.”

In a post on Getting Kids Reading, children’s literacy expert Joyce Grant wrote that giving a high-quality pencil to your child “will actually help with his [or her] school work,” further compounding the idea that the seemingly simple pencil is actually an integral part of our children’s educational development.

Palomino also plans to shift production of its Golden Bear line of high-quality multi-use pencils to the United States later this year.

Palomino is a division of California Cedar Products Company, the leading worldwide manufacturer of wooden pencil slats. Palomino’s mission is to provide people with high-quality, wood cased pencils in its Palomino Original, Blackwing, ForestChoice, Golden Bear and Prospector brands.