Pencil Quality FAQs

What are some of the functional issues people run into with low-quality pencils?

Off centered and broken leads, loose ferrules, dry erasers and poor sharpening performance are all functional issues that plague low-quality pencils and their users.


What are some of the cosmetic issues people run into with low-quality pencils? 

Chipping lacquer, poor imprinting and wood discoloration are also some of the cosmetic and aesthetic issues that can be found in these pencils.


How do low-quality pencils affect our students?

Low-quality pencils waste classroom time due to their inability to sharpen evenly or hold a point and their poor writing performance. This also causes the work created by the writer, artist, musician or student using the pencil to suffer. Furthermore, in situations that require concentration, such as standardized tests, the constant sharpening and breakage associated with low-quality pencils can disrupt a student’s focus and negatively impact their results.


How can high-quality pencils help our students?

In addition to saving precious classroom time, many teachers have claimed that using a high-quality pencil actually helps their students take pride in their work. For a more detailed look at this idea, check out teacherWilliam Maguire’s interview on Studio 602.


What type of wood is ideal for pencil making? 

Genuine Incense-cedar is the best wood for pencil making due to its ability to sharpen evenly and easily.


What should I look for in a high-quality pencil?

High-quality pencils are generally made from either Genuine Incense-cedar or basswood that has been stained and treated with wax for optimal sharpening. These pencils also feature graphite cores that are well centered. They also feature firmly attached ferrules and soft erasers.


How can I check my pencil’s quality?

Examine the pencils. Before you sharpen your pencil, check the graphite core to ensure that it is centered. Off-centered graphite cores lead to breakage and poor sharpening performance. High-quality pencils always feature well centered graphite cores.

Sharpen the pencil. Did the pencil sharpen evenly? Was a nice point achieved? High-quality pencils always sharpen evenly and easily.

Write with the pencil. Does the pencil write smoothly and without unnecessary breakage? High-quality pencils always write smoothly and without any unnecessary breakage.

Erase with the pencil. Does the eraser erase the marks made with the pencil? Does the ferrule feel loose or does it feel firmly attached? High-quality pencils always feature firmly attached ferrules.


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